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As a professional caregiver with over 20 years of experience serving women and families during and after they have their babies, my specialty is Postpartum Home Care. As the wise midwife Robin Lim has said, “You are pregnant 9 months, you are postpartum for the rest of your life.” After having your baby, life changes dramatically! I work with families to help them transition and find their new rhythm through direct support, breastfeeding counseling, nutrition, and sleep deprivation concerns.

I also offer specialized care giving services to families needing in-home elder and special needs care in Montpelier and the surrounding area. I have experience caring for elderly loved ones and those with memory and daily physical challenges. I have organized teams of care givers and run households for elders who wish to stay in their home.

I take care with total mindfulness and respect, supporting your family through life’s major transitions.image

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Having a Doula assisted birth has proven to:
• Reduce cesarean rates by 50%
• Reduce the length of labor by 25%
• Reduce the use of Pitocin by 40%
• Reduce the need for pain medication by 30%
• Reduce the requests for epidural pain management by 60 %
• Increase mom’s self image
• Increase satisfaction in the overall birth experience
• Improve the relationship between mom and partner.
(Information provided by Mothering the Mother, Klaus, Klaus, and Kennel)

Empowered Childbirth Educator ~
Birth and Postpartum Care ~
Nourishing meals, calm baby, tidy home = Happy Mama!

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Ame Solomon, Doula and Midwife:
20 years experience caring for women in Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum.

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What do you get when you hire me as your Doula?

A skilled and experienced childbirth attendant, my primary function is to serve YOU.  Before birth, I offer you prenatal counseling, referrals, evidence based research, support, and can even facilitate a beautiful Blessingway ceremony. As your Doula, I help you prepare prenatally to feel your choices in childbirth are well informed through evidence-based, holistic education. During your birth, I advocate for your birth plan and comfort you with massage, aromatherapy, guided visualization, and positive feedback and affirmations. I encourage mamas to stay active in labor when it’s possible, and work with you to help encourage your baby to move down by trying various movement and postural changes based on your baby’s position.

Postpartum, I make house calls! My top priority is to help mom and baby physically heal, making sure they are both getting enough nutrition and rest. I encourage breastfeeding, and will offer assistance with your particular lactation needs and concerns.  I inspire trust, confidence, and safety in my clients.

I began attending births in 1994, and received formal Doula training in 1995.  I then trained as a midwife and became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in 1998.  I offer a wealth of information and skill in my role as a Doula. I am well versed in both medical procedures and alternative healing modalities, making me an effective, nonjudgmental counselor to women and their partners seeking to make maternal health decisions tailored to their personal understanding of wellness. Herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and drug-free methods of pain relief are all part of my “doula tool box”.  I can refer you to professional massage therapists, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, and clinical herbalists and homeopaths, should you need more assistance than I can provide.

Are you trying for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) or do you have other special needs?  I’ve attended numerous VBACs and wholeheartedly support women with this objective. I’ve served women who were hearing impaired, and others with special emotional and physical needs. 

I believe that a woman’s body has the inherent organic ability to birth without augmentation (though I am not opposed to medicinal pain relief on principal—this is your birth and your choice).  In the process of assisting hundreds of birthing women, I’ve been able to help mothers through hard long labors, short intense labors, successful VBAC’s, water births, and through challenging emotional transitions.  I feel that a well informed choice is the best choice.  I will help educate you about your choices when creating a birth plan to fit your optimal birth vision.

In addition to my professional expertise, my experience birthing and mothering two children has made me exquisitely aware of the needs of prenatal and postpartum women. My work is my passion, and serving families is profoundly meaningful; it’s an honor to help families embark on the sacred path of bringing new life into the world.

Regarding my Postpartum Services: Duties can change from day to day, as the needs of the family change. A large part of my role is to educate and support the family by sharing information about the baby’s care, breastfeeding coaching, and making sure the mother is fed, well hydrated, rested and comfortable. I aim to make your life easier, less complicated and more peaceful. I can help to coordinate your household to adjust to the babies’ schedules so you can rest, heal faster, and just be one on one with yourself, your partner and your babies. As your postpartum Doula, I will work to help you obtain your goals. I consider myself your professional assistant, and I am unbiased and able to assist you in your choices for your infants care.

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